Israel Brings Lifesaving Medical Care to Ukrainian Women

The Fellowship  |  March 29, 2022

Jewish woman in blue and striped shirt looking into the camera.
(Photo: FJC/Victor Adjamsky)

An Israeli startup that created remote imaging for cervical exams is bringing this lifesaving medical care technology to Ukrainian women under fire, reports the Algemeiner:

An Israeli startup that developed the first remote gynecological imaging platform for life-saving cervical exams is bringing its devices to women in Ukraine under Russia’s ongoing invasion.

illumigyn’s Gynescope, a type of gynecology endoscope, has been chosen as one of the remote technologies to be part of the Israeli humanitarian field hospital, which this week opened its doors to war refugees in the western Ukrainian town of Mostyska. The startup’s remote gynecological imaging system, which enables real-time visualization and documentation of pelvic exams, can be operated by any trained medical staff.

“The use of our imaging device system to connect between a remote physician in Israel and a patient in Ukraine to get the best expert advice is something that is one of the key features of illumigyn’s technology for women diagnosis,” illumigyn’s co-founder Ran Poliakine told The Algemeiner during an interview this week. “Our mission is to democratize women’s healthcare and improve women’s health in developed and developing countries.”

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