Injured Soldier Amazed by Christians Who Care so Deeply about Israel

The Fellowship  |  October 28, 2015

Four men pushing an injured solider on a gurney.
Injured Soldier: "I'm Amazed by the Number of Christians Who Care so Deeply about Israel"

Daniel, a 19-year-old Border Policeman in Israel, was injured in a terror attack earlier this month when he was on his way home from his base. The injured soldier had been waiting at the Jerusalem Light Rail Ammunition Hill station when he noticed a suspicious-looking 17-year-old Palestinian girl. She kept moving from side to side, and crossed the boulevard and came back again, never ceasing her search for a victim.

Daniel didn’t take his eyes off of her, and after a few minutes he started walking toward her. She started running away, so Daniel shouted at her to stop or else he would shoot. She ignored him. After continuing to run, she stopped suddenly, pulled out a knife, and ran toward him. The terrorist managed to stab Daniel in the stomach before he stepped back and shot her. She was seriously injured. Both of them were evacuated to Hadassah Hospital, where they are only a few yards from each other.

As part of our overall help to injured soldiers and other victims of terror, The Fellowship‘s Eva Geller gave Daniel a check for $1,000 to help with is medical expenses. After talking with Daniel, Eva said, “Daniel is a special person. He has a winning smile and is extremely modest. He’s a young man with a deep soul. He’s sensitive, Zionistic, and real.

“I sat with him for almost an hour because he wanted to tell me about how the Border Police work and how they’re ready to give their heart and soul in order to protect the citizens of Israel. I started to cry. This is such a great young man with so much faith in Israel and Zionism.”

Daniel hasn’t been able to sleep in a week. He has nightmares and is having trouble getting over the fact that the young terrorist will remain injured even after her discharge from the hospital. He even said that he might like to visit her – to hear from her whether she regrets the desire to harm innocent civilians.

Daniel knows that he prevented her from hurting other people who were at the station, and he also believes that with all the pain, perhaps it will make her friends understand that they shouldn’t do what she tried to do.

Daniel already wants to return to service on Sunday; he doesn’t want to stay home and rest. He says he doesn’t feel right that his friends are out patrolling while he sits on the couch at home. Daniel’s mother has been in trauma for the entire week. She’s afraid to leave him for a minute. Although he’s a young man and in the security forces, he’s still her child.

Eva told the family about The Fellowship and all of our work. She spoke about The Fellowship‘s Christian donors, and Daniel’s mother was seriously impressed that so many Christians love and care about Israel.

Daniel said, “I’m amazed by the number of loving Christians who care so deeply about Israel. The fact that you’ve come to my home to deliver this gift is absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. It will help so much. Please tell the donors how meaningful and helpful this is. Thank you, Rabbi Eckstein.”