From Israel With Love: Ukrainian Immigrant’s Matzah-Making Mission for Jewish Communities in Need

The Fellowship  |  April 11, 2023

matzah, factory, Passover, Ukraine
Alina and Yael Eckstein (Photo: Yossi Zeliger)

Alina is a Ukrainian olim who we helped make aliyah… and now she is in Israel, making matzah for Passover to ship back to her former Ukrainian community!

Ynet News reports on Alina’s powerful Passover story, as she gives back to Ukraine during this difficult time of war:

Alina’s attendance at seminars organized by the IFCJ upon her arrival in Israel led to an opportunity to work as a production worker at the Aviv matzot factory, where she prepares for Passover.

It’s a fulfilling job that has come full circle for Alina, as the matzahs she helps make are shipped back to her hometown community in Ukraine, which has been struggling through a long war.

Alina takes pride in knowing that her work at the matzot factory helps her former community enjoy the spirit of Passover, despite the challenges they face…

“For me, this is closure,” she reflects. “I immigrated to Israel from Ukraine with the assistance of the IFCJ, and now I can give back by helping to bring joy to my former community during these difficult times.”

Read Alina’s full story here.

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