Fellowship Donates $1 M., Enacts Emergency Plan for Ukrainian Jews

The Fellowship  |  February 28, 2022

Young couple with their two children sitting on a leather sofa.
(Photo: Svetlana Voit)

The Fellowship has established a $1 million emergency fund to protect Ukraine’s vulnerable Jewish population in this time of war. As time goes on, the need for basic necessities such as food, medicine, and shelter will only increase; we are committed to ensuring that no one will do without these necessities. The Jerusalem Post tells us more:

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has enacted an emergency plan in collaboration with its field partners in Ukraine and the government of Israel to assist the local Jewish community.

“Our goal is to reach every Jewish individual and community in need and provide them with food, shelter and any other form of assistance they may require, including providing Aliyah services whenever and wherever possible,” explained Fellowship CEO Yael Eckstein. “We have been maintaining constant contact with our partners throughout Ukraine in order to ascertain and meet their rapidly evolving needs.”

The fellowship raised $1 million in emergency funds from Christian donors around the world to assist the community. The funds have been transferred to Ukraine’s main Jewish community organizations who are putting the funds into action.

Help support vulnerable Jews in the former Soviet Union with your gift of love and comfort today.

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