Faces of The Fellowship: Yamikar and Her Children

The Fellowship  |  February 17, 2021

Ethiopian olim children who receive food boxes for High Holy Days
(Photo: IFCJ)

For Yamikar, a 43-year-old Ethiopian olim (immigrant) and mother of six, life was difficult even before the pandemic. But now her situation is unbearable.

Yamikar and her husband used to work at Ben Gurion Airport — she is a cook and he is a porter — but have been on unpaid leave for more than a year. “We have to pay for kindergarten and school, and we have nowhere to get the money. We hardly buy food,” Yamikar explains.

This family used to at least gather for simple family meals after a long day of work and school. But now even putting food on the dinner table has been a struggle. Yamikar, who used to use her skills as a cook to make meals for her children, could no longer afford basic groceries. Their situation became a dire crisis.

Thankfully, The Fellowship and our faithful friends around the world stepped in. We delivered them food for the Jewish holidays to make sure they’d have nourishing food meals. “It’s thanks to this food box which we received that we’ll be able to celebrate the holiday,” says Yamikar.

During the pandemic, olim families like Yamikar’s are especially vulnerable. We see more young families than ever before asking for help with food as the crisis carries on. And we will continue supporting Yamikar and her family. Currently, they are completely reliant on our support. “You are all we have at the moment,” says Yamikar. While the pandemic will surely bring more challenges to the family, they at least have Fellowship friends around the world who care for them, and that is very special to them.

With The Fellowship, you can bless Israel and her people – including scared and hungry families like Yamikar’s – by providing the comfort and protection they deserve. Thank you for supporting God’s people in need.