Faces of The Fellowship: Tova

The Fellowship  |  March 14, 2018

Mother holding child and smiling

“I never thought I would be one to need assistance. I was raised by parents who taught me to work hard, to be responsible, and to take care of myself,” Tova, 24, explained. Yet, a few months into her marriage to David, when she was pregnant with their first child, her husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a life-threatening cancer that attacks the immune system.

“We were devastated when David was diagnosed with cancer. We were overwhelmed with shock, especially at a time when we were supposed to be celebrating the birth of new life. We were filled with anxiety and fear as we desperately held on to David’s life,” Tova recalled.

With God’s blessing, David is slowly recovering. However, the ongoing rounds of chemotherapy have taken a toll on his family’s life, especially since David has not been able to work for over two years. David is a loving father and husband, yet his physical condition has prevented him from helping Tova to the degree that she needs. As a result, the young couple has fallen into severe financial difficulties.

“Our second child was born exactly two years after we had our first,” Tova recalled. “He was actually born on the same day, same time, and the same hospital. The only difference was the midwife,” she explained with a smile.

With the birth of their second child, Tova felt overwhelmed by the financial burdens. David is too weak to work or to care for a newborn, so Tova is home with the baby and the expenses keep piling up.

Thankfully, Tova and David were referred to The Fellowship’s Small Gifts for New Mothers project, which offers help at a time when new parents need it most. New mothers who qualify for this project receive a gift package upon the arrival of their newborn, filled with diapers, formula, baby cream, and bottles. The Fellowship also provides a 200 shekel (about $58) coupon for other essential supplies each month for the first six months of the baby’s life

“The Fellowship has been God-sent. The small gifts we receive to help us get diapers and formula and other necessities for the baby help us stay afloat, and that enables us to use the little money we have to feed and care for our other child. God bless The Fellowship for all the help.

“What can I say? We live on God’s grace. We see little miracles every day of our lives, helping us get by and reminding us that God is with us,” Tova explained.

Holding her baby boy tightly in her arms, and with tears in her eyes, Tova thanked our ministry for the help. “The Fellowship reached out to me in the most crucial time of my life. There are no words to express my gratitude, so I just want to bless you as you have blessed us.”

Learn how you can help impoverished Israelis in need, like Tova and David, receive the lifesaving care they desperately need.