Faces of The Fellowship: Suzanna

The Fellowship  |  August 6, 2020

Elderly Jewish woman Suzanna Tabach looking directly into the camera.
elderly woman, bright pink jacket, pink and white dress, holding framed photograph, smiling

Suzanna was forced to flee Syria with her fiancé years ago when the situation worsened for the Jewish community. “We felt pressure and didn’t feel safe,” Suzanna recalls. First she fled to Lebanon, where she and her fiancé married. Shortly after, they made the decision to flee again, but this time to the Holy Land. They left behind everything to find safety — their home and all their belongings.

As a new immigrant in a different culture, Suzanna remembers her first years in Israel being the most difficult. She and her husband were sent to temporary housing for immigrants, and she took any job she could find, just to put food on the table for her growing family. Today, she has four grown children and many grandchildren, whom she cherishes above anything else.

But recently, her health has started to decline. She must use a walker and requires a lot of assistance. The Fellowship’s With Dignity and Fellowship program takes some of the load off the shoulders of Suzanna’s family members and allows Suzanna to always have food on her table regardless of her small pension. Suzanna doesn’t know what she would do if it weren’t for The Fellowship, and she feels very blessed!

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So many Jewish people are living in unthinkable conditions right now in Israel and around the world. Your donation will help provide basic necessities like food, medical assistance, and shelter as well as safety and security provisions in times of crisis.