Faces of The Fellowship: Racheli

The Fellowship  |  June 9, 2021

Woman smiling

Racheli never imagined her children would experience the same food insecurities that she did growing up. She had worked hard to provide her two five year old twins a better life.

While Racheli and her husband and two children live in one of the poorer areas of Israel and the outside of their apartment looks rundown and in need of repairs, the inside of her home is neat and organized. Before the pandemic, Racheli worked as a secretary and an evening class manager at a youth center. Her husband worked as a car repair consultant. When both of them lost their jobs during the beginning of the pandemic, it felt like their world was turning upside down.

“I don’t know how we survived,” Racheli says.

Maybe it was the experiences she had growing up, when there were times where her family “literally didn’t have food on the table.” She learned from this experience. So when both Racheli and her husband lost their income, she was prepared: “I made a plan how to buy the cheapest food and still be able to feed my family somehow.”

But it was also thanks to the care and assistance provided by faithful Fellowship friends around the world. When her family opened a Fellowship food box, full of nutritious foods to keep the family healthy, Racheli knew her family would survive and that all hope wasn’t lost after all.