Faces of The Fellowship: Oleksiy

The Fellowship  |  September 25, 2019

Oleksiy and Kateryna Tkachevskyi and their two children in IFCJ shirts

For Oleksiy, the most exciting thing about making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) from Ukraine will be to finally live close to his only brother, who has been living in the Holy Land for many years.

With help from The Fellowship, Oleksiy, his wife Kateryna, and their two sons, Oleksiy and Danyil, 15 and 11, will take a Fellowship Freedom Flight to Israel and begin new lives there. Oleksiy and Kateryna are hopeful about what this opportunity will mean for their children.

“First and foremost it’s worth mentioning that we’ve fully realized our Jewish origin and the desire to live in our homeland,” Oleksiy says. “Our oldest son is 16 years old, and very responsible and determined, studying hard in order to make his professional dream come true and become an architect. Our youngest happens to be the artistic type and is demonstrating much more interest in music.”

Back in Ukraine, both Oleksiy and Kateryna were professional musicians, and Oleksiy even played the drums in a Ukrainian band called FLEUR, a musical collective from the city of Odessa, which to date has seven officially released albums.

Oleksiy is hopeful that his music career will continue in the Holy Land, and that his children will also realize their career dreams in this new country.

Overall, the family is very thankful to The Fellowship and our donors for making a new life in Israel possible.

“Our choice to make aliyah with The Fellowship was strongly influenced by the positive pieces of advice and recommendations given by friends and relatives that already took Fellowship Freedom Flights.” They are very grateful!