Faces of The Fellowship: Lyudmila

The Fellowship  |  January 6, 2022

Elderly woman smiling at an IFCJ staff member in a blue shirt and mask while receiving an IFCJ food box.
(Photo: FJC/Victor Adjamsky)

The first thing Fellowship-representatives noticed about Lyudmila’s home was the dust. It covered her small, crowded kitchen — the stove top and tea kettle clearly hadn’t been used in a long while. After all, Lyudmila barely had the strength to get out of bed most days. Let alone make herself a hot cup of tea.

Lyudmila’s daughter had called The Fellowship after she noticed that her mother’s declining health made it almost impossible for her to cook or clean for herself. She lives far away from her mother, and she told us that her mother seemed to be “fading away” between visits. Lyudmila’s daughter became very concerned when her mother skipped meals as she grew weaker and lived in constant pain. The pain and loneliness caused Lyudmila to become very depressed.

There is treatment available for Lyudmila’s chronic pain and illness, but it’s very expensive and Lyudmila has difficulty even buying groceries or medicine. That’s when The Fellowship stepped in.

The Fellowship began helping Lyudmila out with food and medicine. And we helped her start to make the house livable once again. Lyudmila started saving the money that she would have spent on her food and healthcare. In a few months she will be able to pay for the treatment that can change her life.

“The Fellowship has given me hope for a better, pain-free future. I deeply appreciate your help and kindness.” Thank you for not forgetting about Lyudmila. You’ve made it possible for her to have food to eat, volunteers to help clean and fix her home, and the knowledge that she, a precious child of God, is loved.

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