Faces of The Fellowship: Ksenia Finds Hope

The Fellowship  |  August 5, 2021

Ksenia and family smiling while holding an IFCJ food box.
(Photo: FJC/Victor Adjamsky)

The Fellowship saved our family. There is no other way to put it.” These were Ksenia’s hopeful words after The Fellowship visited her for the first time during Passover earlier this year. Prior to our visit, Ksenia and her family weren’t doing so well. They had struggled financially for many years in a poor area of Ukraine.

This precious Jewish family consists of Ksenia and her husband Victor and their two children, Alina, 10, and Vladislav, 6. For years they had to live off of Ksenia’s meager income from her job as a cafeteria worker because Victor lost his job and was unable to support the family like he used to. They lived in a run-down apartment with mold on the walls and old and broken furniture.

Then something hopeful happened… the family was able to move into the home of Ksenia’s mother. Alina and Vladislav had their own room, and the family was able to grow a vegetable garden and raise chickens. Overall, they were living in much healthier conditions.

But just as things were looking better for the family, the coronavirus hit and the lockdowns started — and Ksenia lost her job. In desperation, the family sold half of their chickens and started selling their precious eggs. They had no source of income and no way to buy basic supplies.

Finding Hope

That’s when The Fellowship stepped in. Fellowship representatives began to help provide the family with food and hygiene products along with much needed moral support. Ksenia and Victor, who had started to give up hope, felt like they could breathe once again.

The children go to a Jewish school and are finding their personal connection with their traditions and history. Their mother, who had also gone to a Jewish school, is really enjoying the stories and traditions that her children share with her, and the family is growing closer to their Jewish roots.  

And the best news came recently — Ksenia has found a job in the local supermarket and the family is finding some sort of balance. “We are doing so much better today because of The Fellowship. Thank you so much!” says Ksenia.

With The Fellowship, you can help Jewish families, like Ksenia’s, live a happier and healthier life in the former Soviet Union.