Faces of The Fellowship: During a Pandemic, You Bring Vadim Hope

The Fellowship  |  January 22, 2021

Israel Solidarity Fund Arvoot Hadadit
Israel Solidarity Fund Arvoot Hadadit, Vadim Shem Tov, in Sderot, new poor, musician, adult man wearing mask and sunglasses, tropical floral shirt, apartment buildings out of focus in the background, face mask

Vadim is a sound and light professional for music concerts. He’s lived in Sderot, Israel, about one mile away from Gaza, since the day he made aliyah to Israel from Dagestan in 1993. For almost 20 years Vadim built a successful career in show business, working at large-scale shows attended by thousands. Since the pandemic, though, he’s been out of work. Many of his jobs were canceled because large gatherings have been restricted.

Still, he tries to stay in good spirits. It’s a little easier thanks to everything The Fellowship has done to help him and his fellow Israelis during this current global health crisis, including sending him financial help. “The help provided by The Fellowship is a blessing because I don’t have any income right now,” he says. He’s now one of the participants in The Fellowship’s new emergency Solidarity Fund, or “Arvoot Hadadit,” which aids those hit hardest by the crisis by providing basic needs.

Vadim is used to The Fellowship providing emergency aid to his town of Sderot. This is due to the fact that the community is very vulnerable to rocket attacks from Gaza. He’ll never forget when, in 2019, a rocket from Gaza was launched right in the middle of a large concert stadium Vadim was working. He witnessed thousands of people, many of them families with kids, fleeing. “When I look at little kids or elderly people running to the [bomb] shelters, my heart breaks,” he says.

Grateful That You Care

That’s why Fellowship-funded bomb shelters are so important in Israel — bomb shelters made possible by Fellowship friends around the world. Rockets, unfortunately, are a constant threat, and Israelis like Vadim never know when they’ll fall. They could be at home, or out living their lives, like at a concert, when terror strikes. Vadim is grateful to our faithful friends who make emergency help possible. Whether it’s rockets or a pandemic — he is grateful that you care!

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