Faces of The Fellowship: Dmitry

The Fellowship  |  December 11, 2019

Close up image of an elderly Jewish man.

Dmitry is no stranger to hard work — he’s worked for 37 years since he was just 14. First in a factory, then as a driver for a company, and later as an ambulance driver. Dmitry was born in Leningrad in 1948 to a Jewish family, and learned the importance of being diligent. His great grandfather was a respected rabbi in St. Petersburg, and his mother was a reputable doctor. But today, Dmitry’s deteriorating health means he struggles to do simple tasks, like cook or clean his apartment.

Recently, one of his legs needed to be amputated after he was diagnosed with thrombosis. After being such an independent person his entire life, coping with a new disability and illness is difficult, and he wouldn’t survive without help from The Fellowship.

Dmitry lives in a shabby one-room apartment in Russia, and tries to make it out of the house to go to the grocery store, but feels more confident when his Fellowship homecare worker, Alexander, accompanies him.

Alexander brings him food, and cooks and cleans his apartment, as well as comforts Dmitry, listens, and does everything he needs for the hours he is there, providing him care and friendship. Dmitry and Alexander have so much in common, as Alexander is also a paramedic on an ambulance. The two have a lot to talk about during homecare visits, saving Dmitry from loneliness after losing his wife to cancer.

Dmitry worries every day that his disease will grow worse and he might lose his other leg, but with The Fellowship’s support, he feels a little less alone in his hardships. He knows that Fellowship friends around the world will always ensure he has care and that gives him hope.

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