Faces of The Fellowship: Arcady Finds Comfort and Care

The Fellowship  |  December 15, 2021

Holocaust survivor Arcady
(Photo: Chamah)

As a Holocaust survivor, Arcady has relied on a strong spirit of survival to make it through difficult times. He remembers what it was like after being evacuated to just east of the Ural Mountains in Russia. “Life in evacuation was very hard. We had problems with lodging and food was scarce.”

Now in his later years, 81-year-old Arcady has no loved ones in his life after losing his wife. This Holocaust survivor walks with limited mobility and a cane, and also suffers from heart and liver health issues. Due to these health problems, he can’t imagine a life without Fellowship-supported Chamah, who sent him a homecare worker, Larissa, who cooks, cleans, and cares for him. “She notices when I’m sad and always finds some kind and comforting words for me,” explains Arcady. “Before the pandemic, she would accompany me when I went out for a walk.”

Three years ago, when Arcady broke his leg and required a wheelchair for his recovery, Fellowship-supported Chamah helped him purchase one. This dear survivor also receives Fellowship food boxes to make sure he always has food to eat.

“I have been assigned to a wonderful helper with a kind and responsive heart,” he says. “If it were not for the assistance, I would be surviving rather than living a decent life, given my health condition. Big thanks!”

Caring for the Elderly

This holiday season, your gift will not only feed an elderly and impoverished Jewish person like Arcady, it will show them that they are not alone, that you care, and that they are loved.