A Call for Christians to Stand with the Jewish People

The Fellowship  |  March 14, 2022

Christians hands praying over Bible

One of the focuses of The Fellowship’s mission is to build bridges of friendship and understanding between Christians and Jews, these two faith groups that share so much. And one step toward building these bridges is to denounce the anti-Semitism that has long simmered in our society.

This is being done, Nicole Jansezian writes at The Jerusalem Post, of the latest meeting of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) – of which The Fellowship is a member – where Fellowship board member Rev. Johnnie Moore delivered the keynote address before the NRB to committed itself to the fight against anti-Semitism:

The Jewish people face an escalating threat from contemporary forms of antisemitism, many of which are associated with attacks against Zionism- the movement to return the Jewish people to their ancestral God-given homeland and the right to self-determination and sovereignty in the State of Israel.

We completely reject this new form of Jew-hatred on historical, moral, and religious grounds. Attacking the Jewish people, including their bond to the Land of Israel, their historic homeland, is an assault on the Bible and the deep roots of our faith.

All peace-loving, God-fearing people should support the Jewish right to return to their land and exercise self-determination…

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