8 Reasons Why We Love Israel in the Fall

The Fellowship  |  September 24, 2021

Ripe pomegranates on trees in the garden.red fruit hanging on tree.
(Photo: iStock/ozgurdonmaz)

Are you excited for fall? In the Holy Land, migrating birds and beautiful sunsets are just a few things that make this season very special. Israel21c tells us more:

1) It’s apple and pomegranate season

It’s no coincidence that apples and pomegranates are the fruit that adorn High Holiday tables, for they become ripe for picking exactly around the time of the Jewish New Year.

Pomegranates, which originated in Iran, migrated to Israel some 4,000 years ago and have become so ingrained in local culture that they are one of the seven agricultural products listed in the Bible as special products of the Land of Israel. Some species of pomegranates grow earlier and later in the year, but in the minds of most Israelis, the gorgeous fruit is firmly associated with the beginning of fall.

Apples too have been growing in the Land of Israel for thousands of years, but the more modern species we’re familiar with were planted here at the turn of the 20th century. Apples are grown in Israel’s colder regions in the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights, where you can find orchards of Delicious, Granny Smith and Anna apples and loads of Israelis enjoying a day’s picking.

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