24 Israeli Breakthroughs of 2019

The Fellowship  |  December 31, 2019

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The Fellowship wishes you a happy New Year! As we look forward to the many good things in store for us in 2020, it is also important to look back on this year and see how far we’ve come. Our friends at ISRAEL21c put together a list of all the amazing discoveries that Israeli innovators made in 2019. Take a look at the many accomplishments, discoveries, and innovative thinking:

8. Color matters to fish, and that’s important

Climate change is decimating coral reefs all over the world, and that’s bad news for fish life. Twenty-five percent of fish make their home in these vital living structures.

Now, however, Israeli scientists have figured out a way to print colorful new corals using a 3D printer and sustainable bioplastics.

The new artificial reefs, designed to accurately mimic natural coral, were created by researchers from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and attached to a natural reef in the Red Sea, near Eilat.

Surprisingly, the fish seemed to like some of the colored artificial designs more than the natural ones.

9. Reinventing our cars

Self-driving cars may be just around the corner, but there is one area of car development that has barely changed in over 100 years, according to Daniel Barel, CEO of Israeli automotive startup Ree – the way our cars are manufactured and designed.

No longer. Barel’s company plans to fundamentally change how vehicles are built. REE has invented a modular platform that looks a bit like a hoverboard, which houses the car’s major components – including brakes, thermal systems, motor and drivetrain – right next to the wheels.

The company emerged from stealth mode in the summer, and is already collaborating with Mitsubishi, Toyota’s truck subsidiary Hino Motors, auto-parts manufacturers Musashi Seimitsu, Linamar and Tenneco; and semiconductor leader NXP.

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