11 Delightful Israeli Day Trips on the Train

The Fellowship  |  June 21, 2019

Train passing through on a dirt road in the middle of a green field.

Israel railways are expanding more than ever. You can take your friends and family on fun adventures to more and more places in Israel without having to sit through traffic! Israel21c shares some of the exciting places you can visit by train.

Here are our favorite 11 suggestions for a stress-free day trip (imagine, no parking!) out on the train.

Jerusalem Gan Hachayot Hatanachi (Biblical Zoo) Station

Get out at this station in the Malcha neighborhood of Jerusalem, far removed from the city center where most tourists roam. Here you can have two extraordinary zoological experiences: The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens (Jerusalem Biblical Zoo) and the newly unveiled Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium.

Wackier displays at the aquarium include a jellyfish gallery and clownfish bred on an Arava desert farm. There are thousands of live fish, sharks, corals and other sea animals in tanks representing the habitats of Israel’s seas, as well as other features such as a stingray feeding pool and interactive water displays that allow you to feel like you are in the tank with the big fish.