Hanukkah: A Celebration of Light

Yael and her family standing in front of Hanukkah candles

It was well over 2,000 ago when a small group of righteous Jewish men in Israel – who knew nothing about fighting wars – challenged the mighty Greek army and won. Yet, thousands of years later, we still celebrate their victory during the holiday, Hanukkah. We also commemorate the miracle of the oil to light the lampstand (menorah) in the Temple, which the victorious fighters had recaptured. While there was only enough oil to light the lampstand for one night, it lasted for eight nights until more oil arrived and the Temple was rededicated.

Chronologically, Hanukkah is the last holiday to be added to the Jewish calendar. What was it about these events that warranted a new holiday beyond those mentioned in the Scriptures? In this month’s study, we will discover the meaning and significance of the Hanukkah story. We will explore the lessons to be learned from the celebration of light. Moreover, we will study the great legacy of this tiny band of Jewish rebels who beat the odds with the help of God and learn how we might unleash the same power of Divine Providence into our own lives.

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