Pastor Dumisani Washington—A Bridge Builder and Faithful Friend

Yael Eckstein and Pastor Dumisani Washington

“One generation commends your works to another.” (Psalm 145:4)

Early in his podcast conversation with Yael Eckstein, Pastor Dumisani Washington quotes these words of King David when speaking of the lessons of faith his parents passed down to him. And it is this continued generational legacy—to younger generations and to other people of faith—that Pastor Washington and Yael focus on in this inspiring discussion.

Pastor Washington joins Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein to discuss how they’ve both learned from those before them—not only learning lessons from struggles and difficulties, but learning to celebrate community.

Speaking of his lifework creating community between the Christian community, the Black church, and the Jewish people, Dumisani Washington tells how music, world news, and his own first visit to the Western Wall built those bridges that he continues to work on today.

Learn more about the work of Pastor Dumisani Washington at the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel and Truth to Power Live, and read his book, Zionism and the Black Church.

Episode Notes:

When Dumisani Washington’s parents gave him the gift of a Bible at a young age, they began to pass down the legacy of faith that this pastor and friend of Israel and The Fellowship has dedicated his own life to passing down to the next generations.

This early interest in God’s Word—and its connections to the music he also grew up playing and the church he grew up in—inspired Pastor Washington’s love for Israel and the Jewish people, an ongoing love that he sat down to discuss with podcast host and longtime friend Yael Eckstein.

In this captivating conversation, Pastor Washington discusses his own faith journey growing up, how his passion for music nurtured his passion for Israel, how a chance glance at the television as a young man connected him not only to the Jewish diaspora in Ethiopia, but around the world, and more.