A Voice for Israel

In the months since October 7, Israel has—for better or for worse—been a regular feature in international news. And while much of the world voices its opposition against (and hatred for) the Jewish state, there are voices who are speaking out for Israel.

On this week’s podcast, Yael welcomes one of the Holy Land’s voices. Eylon Levy has been serving as official Israeli government spokesperson since the beginning of the ongoing war in Gaza. In this role, Eylon has become one of Israel’s most recognized faces.

Eylon has done this in many ways. As a journalist and news anchor, he can provide the cold, hard facts to the world—showing the truth about Israel and the threats the nation faces in a way that so many media outlets refuse to. One story he shares is that of another podcast guest—Rachel Goldberg, whose son Hersh is still being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. The job can be difficult—much like life has become harder for all Israelis—but Eylon shares how he keeps his cool in the hardest situations, as well as why he works so hard to share “what Israel is about.”

Besides his work as a talking head and giving press conferences, Eylon also excels in the media landscape of the 21st century—as much a new media content creator as he is a government spokesperson. A recent video he shared—his grandmother’s hummus recipe—is a perfect example of this.

By presenting the truth about Israel—in traditional, as well as new and exciting ways, Eylon Levy is truly a light in the darkness that God’s people are facing. You won’t want to miss Yael’s conversation as he shares both the hard facts of what Israel is facing, as well as the hope he sees for the people of Israel.

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Episode Notes:

Before the Hamas attacks of October 7th, Eylon Levy had already committed his life to serving the people of Israel and sharing their truth to the world.

Born to Israeli parents of Iraqi-Jewish descent, Eylon was raised in London. After studying at Oxford, where he participated in international debate championships, and Cambridge, Eylon made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in the days following the Jewish state’s 2014 war with Hamas.

In the years since, Eylon has become a fixture of Israeli news: working as chief news anchor at IBA News, and as anchor, commentator, and journalist for i24NEWS. In 2021, Israeli President Isaac Herzog named him International Media Advisor.

After October 7th plunged Israel into another war with Hamas in Gaza, Eylon was appointed official Israeli government spokesman, a role he continues to serve in. It is this role that has made him not only familiar with the Israel public, but people all over the world—sharing the difficult realities of the Israeli people, people like previous podcast guest, Rachel Goldberg.

And it is this role, which Eylon says is “pushing boundaries here between government spokesman and content Creator,” that has proven to be so effective in bringing the truth about Israel to the world, in being a “light unto the nations.”

Eylon’s videos about not just what Israel is currently experiencing—but what actual, everyday life is like in the Holy Land—have reached millions of people. You can follow him on Instagram to see how he is sharing Israel’s truth.

And you can tune into his special conversation with Yael to hear how this Israeli voice for truth sees Israel’s current situation, and where he finds hope in what are currently such hard times for the Jewish state and its people.

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