The Mother of an Israeli Hostage: Heartbreak and Hope in the Holy Land

This week, Yael brings us a difficult but necessary conversation, as she welcomes Rachel Goldberg, a Jewish mother in Israel. Rachel’s son, 23-year-old Hersh, was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists during their attacks on October 7. Since that day, Rachel has prayed—along with the Jewish people’s friends around the world—for her son’s safe return.

Episode Notes:

Since the horrific terror attacks that Hamas carried out on Israel, the people of the Holy Land have been picking up the pieces of their lives. Burying those murdered, healing those wounded, and working to bring back those taken hostage.

This week’s podcast guest is the mother of a young man still being held hostage in Gaza. Rachel Goldberg joins Yael from this difficult but necessary conversation.

Rachel tells Yael about the 23-year-old young man who her son Hersh is and about the day when their lives—and the lives of all Israelis—changed forever. She also details how she is working—tirelessly, endlessly, and prayerfully—to bring a voice to Hersh and hundreds of other hostages being held by Hamas, and to bring them home. Join Yael for this conversation about a mother’s love, about the heartbreaking situation in the Holy Land, and about the hope that friends of Israel like you provide to the Jewish state and its people.