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All You Need Is Love

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Work of the Heart

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Explore the ancient roots of the Christian faith through our wealth of resources here on the Learning Center. Be inspired by our daily devotions; learn Hebrew, listen to a podcast on the Jewish faith, people, and culture, or watch a video and download a study about key tenets and practices of Judaism and how they relate to your life and faith today.

Daily Devotional

Prayer Is the Answer

Prayer is the greatest change agent that there is.

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Monthly Teaching Resource

Prayer - Work of the Heart

In this study, learn the Jewish perspective on prayer, the power of prayer, and the importance of persistence in prayer.

Latest Radio Show

Be Careful What You Say!

Fellowship President Yael Eckstein reminds us that the words we say create the energy we bring to every situation.

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Test Your Knowledge on Love

While the nation of Israel does not celebrate Valentine's Day, it does celebrate the Jewish Day of Love, Tu B'Av, which occurs this year at sundown August 15-16.  Take our quiz to find out how much you know about love in the Bible.

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