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Explore the ancient roots of the Christian faith through our wealth of resources here on the Learning Center. Be inspired by our daily devotions; learn Hebrew, listen to a podcast on the Jewish faith, learn about Judaism, people, and culture, or watch a video and download a study about key tenets and practices of Judaism and how they relate to your life and faith today.

Daily Devotional

A Glimmer of Light

Against the dark backdrop of the Holocaust, I learned to see the glimmer of light, no matter how faint, in every situation.

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Monthly Teaching Resource

The Fellowship Family Corner: Things to Do at Home to Boost Your Spiritual Wellness

Wherever you may be right now in the world, we all are experiencing the same pandemic crisis. With many of us confined to our homes during this crisis, The Fellowship has collected a variety of downloadable educational materials for you and your family to help boost your spiritual well-being.

Latest Radio Show

Israeli Tech Shaped by War

On today’s program, The Fellowship's Ami Farkas talks about how Israel turned her biggest difficulty into an economic strength.

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Test Your Knowledge on America’s Special Bond with Israel

Discover how much you know about the longstanding relationship between the U.S. and her greatest ally -- Israel!

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