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Explore the ancient roots of the Christian faith through our wealth of resources here on the Learning Center. Be inspired by our daily devotions; learn Hebrew, listen to a podcast on the Jewish faith, learn about Judaism, people, and culture, or watch a video and download a study about key tenets and practices of Judaism and how they relate to your life and faith today.

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Olga Lewinsky

Living, Breathing Miracles

While the nation of Israel would be punished and exiled, He would not let us be destroyed. And God keeps His promises!

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Monthly Teaching Resource

A True Fast Devotional Guide

A True Fast Devotional Guide

Understand the type of fast that God desires from us and how we can respond to those instructions with your complimentary download of our devotional guide on fasting.

Latest Radio Show

Man with wedding ring praying with his hands to his mouth

Stepping Back to Hear God

On today’s program, Fellowship Board Chairman Bishop Paul Lanier continues his discussion on how praying and fasting can take us to a place where God can use us completely.

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The Spiritual Discipline of Fasting

The Spiritual Discipline of Fasting

Fasting in Judaism has been a longstanding practice, in some instances tied to the observance of key festivals and holy days, but also as a communal response to tragedies and a call to repentance. Test your knowledge on the spiritual discipline of fasting with our quiz!

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