Yael Eckstein: IFCJ Announces Completion of 2023 Salary and Compensation Audit

According to President and CEO Yael Eckstein, “the Salary and Compensation Audit reflects our ongoing commitment to take financial accountability and good stewardship of our donors’ funds very seriously.”

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship or IFCJ) recently announced the results of their annual Salary and Compensation Audit by Willis Towers Watson (WTW), a leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company. WTW provides employers reliable, relevant, and timely salary survey data combined with global, regional, and local HR and benefits policies and practices reports to support pay, employee benefits, and HR professionals in making the best decisions for their workforce and their organization.

IFCJ retained Willis Towers Watson to conduct a comparable market assessment of total remuneration (cash compensation plus benefits) provided to four executive-level positions, including the President and CEO, examining base salary and total cash compensation levels (base salary plus annual incentive awards). 

The Salary and Compensation Audit confirmed management’s expectations that The Fellowship’s salary and compensation practices are fair, reasonable, and comparable to similar organizations.

“At the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, we take financial accountability and good stewardship of our donors’ funds very seriously, and we ensure that salaries, including the salary of our President and CEO, Yael Eckstein, are fair within the nonprofit space and enable us to attract and retain the talent we need to best serve our community,” explained IFCJ Global Chief Operating Officer Robin Van Etten.

The market data used in this assessment included information that is:

  • Based on published and proprietary survey sources
  • Position specific, based on each position’s primary duties and responsibilities
  • Reflective of pay practices among nonprofit organizations for positions based in the U.S.
  • Size sensitive, based on IFCJ’s FY23 budgeted revenue
  • Updated to April 1, 2023, using an annualized adjustment factor of 3.5%, consistent with 2023 merit increase projections for non-profit executives

The International Fellowship of Christian and Jews‘ most recent financial information and audited statements are available either by written request or by contacting the organization’s Donor Services Department at (800) 486-8844.

About Yael Eckstein

As President and CEO of The Fellowship, Yael Eckstein oversees all programs and serves as the international spokesperson for the organization. With over a decade of nonprofit experience in multiple roles, Yael has the rare distinction of being a woman leading one of the world’s largest religious charitable organizations. In addition to her weekly podcast on matters of faith, Holy Land Reflections, Yael also invites thought leaders to discuss Jewish-Christian relations and Israel’s significance on her podcast, Conversations with Yael. She is the 2023 recipient of the Jerusalem Post’s Humanitarian Award, and in 2020 and 2021, was named to the publication’s list of 50 Most Influential Jews. Born outside of Chicago, Yael is now based in Israel with her husband and their four children.

About the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

For 40 years, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has been leading efforts to build bridges between Christians and Jews and provide humanitarian care and lifesaving aid for Israel and the Jewish people. Through the generosity and loyalty each year of its donors, partners, and staff, The Fellowship helps over 1 million people living in poverty, has provided nearly 3,000 bomb shelters for security, and has helped 770,000 make aliyah back to their homeland, Israel. The Fellowship is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, continuing a mission to bless Israel and the Jewish people – like our world has never seen.


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