A Call to Prayer and Fasting

Did you ever think that 2020 would look like this? Here at The Fellowship, our hearts are being stirred and we are being drawn to our knees in prayer, one by one.

But how much more powerful would it be if we came together in spirit, during this unprecedented time of physical distance?

God is calling us to have a congregational moment together with our Fellowship Family prayer warriors to pray and fast over…

His will for YOUR life
His will for our holy ministry
His will for our nation
His will for the Holy Land

What is The Fellowship Fast?

Join Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein, along with Chairman of the U.S. Board Bishop Paul Lanier in a time of prayer and fasting online on May 7th on Facebook. Though we will be far apart in distance, our hearts will be joined in faith as we seek God’s will during the National Day of Prayer.

Why are we fasting?

Fasting is a spiritual discipline found in the Bible — one practiced by Jesus — that helps focus our hearts on God and our minds on prayer. Indeed, Scripture records countless moments when God’s people came together for prayer and fasting in their times of utmost need. With each hunger pang, we are reminded of the purpose of our fast and driven to God once more.

How are we fasting?

Because we cannot physically be with you, we’ll come alongside you on the internet. God’s people will “meet” online on Facebook on May 7th to share prayer requests, spiritual insights, and what God is speaking to our hearts. Together we fast a meal, a day, or an activity in obedience to God with the hope to “break” our fast with renewed clarity for our individual and collective destinies in 2020.

How can you participate?

Whether you choose to fast a meal, a day, or an activity, please click “join” on our Facebook Event today. On May 7th, our spiritual leaders Yael Eckstein and Bishop Paul Lanier will guide you through The Fellowship fast on this Facebook Event and share spiritual guidance and insights as we journey together through this special congregational moment of God’s people. We will pray over every single prayer request shared and be present with you as you listen for God’s voice.

Is it voluntary?

Though The Fellowship is inviting you to participate in a spiritual fast of a meal, fasting can never be forced or made compulsory. Please check with your healthcare provider before abstaining from food or drink for any length of time. Pregnant or nursing mothers, minors, and those with health conditions or concerns should not fast from food or drink. If you are not able or comfortable fasting a meal, The Fellowship encourages you to fast from an activity, like watching TV, movies, or other entertainment.

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