Blessing Israel

Blessing Israel will take your church members on a collective journey of faith to:

  • Unlock a deeper understanding of our Jewish roots
  • Experience God’s loving heart of His dear people
  • Provide a practical opportunity to support the physical needs of our Jewish brothers and sisters in the Holy Land and throughout the world

We’ve designed this very special time to enrich your congregation and to encourage you to draw closer to God in a way you may not have experience before. Indeed, Blessing Israel provides an opportunity for all congregants to see Israel from both a biblical and human perspective and to realize we can do something tangible to support her people. By participating in the event, your church will feel more connected to God and His calling heart from those less fortunate.

Blessing Israel Event Testimonial

“Thank you for creating such a practical idea to bless Israel and the Jewish people. My church and I are now more committed than ever to support Israel and The Fellowship.”   — Pastor Alberto Delgado, Alpha and Omega Miami

Stay informed about issues affecting Israel, the Jewish people, Jewish-Christian relations, receive daily devotionals, and more.