Joe Lieberman

Black and white image of Rabbi Eckstein sitting with Joe Lieberman.

“In 1983, a visionary Zionist by the name of Yechiel Eckstein had what I think I can safely say was an epiphany. He realized that there were many Christians in this country who shared the covenantal dream that in fact there were more Christian Zionists in American than Jewish Zionists. He acted on this dream by forming what was then called the Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a new institution to bring Christians and Jews together to support Israel. This organization has done more than build bridges; it has forged bonds between Christians and Jews, brothers and sisters in faith who have been too long separated by fear or discomfort or bias, separated from our shared history, our shared values and our shared dreams. In deciding to become part of this organization, each of you has entered history and taken up the torch that was lit in God’s promise to Abraham 4,000 years ago. I know that with the support given by you, this extraordinary and really blessed alliance of Christians and Jews, that today and with God’s help, forever we will be able to say, ‘Om Yisral Chai,’ the nation of Israel lives.”