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Join The Fellowship in standing with the Jewish people to fight anti-Semitism and protect and provide for vulnerable Jews in Israel, Ukraine, and around the world.

Rabbi Eckstein kneeling in prayer at a memorial with flowers.

Security Around the World

Over the past several years, The Fellowship has provided security for over 150 Jewish communities around the world. Yet dozens of communities are pleading for our emergency help right now to provide security measures such as armed guards, bulletproof doors, emergency training for teachers, and more. With your lifesaving gift, help provide security for Jewish synagogues and schools around the world that are threatened by acts of violence, anti-Semitism, and terror.


A soldier in full uniform with his hand on a rail overlooking the city of Jerusalem.

Security in Israel

IFCJ provides security to the people of Israel through the building of bomb shelters and emergency command centers, as well as the supply of fire engines and ambulances to help keep Israelis safe in times war or terrorist attacks. Many more bomb shelters are needed to help protect vulnerable communities in Israel. Your gift today will strengthen Israel and her people and fortify them in these uncertain times.


A mother and her two children coming off an Aliyah flight alongside an IFCJ volunteer.

Aliyah Freedom Flights

Our flagship emergency Freedom Flights program helps provide aliyah (immigration to Israel) for thousands of Jews around the world who are struggling against the forces of anti-Semitism and terrorism in their communities. We rescue Jews from 28 countries, including Ukraine and Arab Lands, and bring them safely home to Israel. But there are many thousands more who seek to flee and take refuge in the Holy Land. You can help a Jewish person make aliyah and bring them safely to Israel through your gift today.