The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews partners with former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to broaden support for Israel

July 29, 2021

JERUSALEM The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) has announced that it has partnered with former U.S. Representative from Minnesota Michele Bachmann to support The Fellowship’s mission of building bridges between Christians and Jews and providing Jewish people in need with humanitarian aid.

Michele Bachmann, currently Dean of Regent University’s Robertson School of Government, is a respected Christian leader who frequently speaks out on Israel’s behalf in the public square. “I have a tremendous love for Israel,” she said. “As someone who is passionate about nurturing that love in the next generation of Christians, I’m so excited to be working with The Fellowship.”

Bachmann will go to Israel later this year to visit a few of The Fellowship’s hundreds of projects supporting impoverished citizens, many of which are operated in cooperation with the Israeli government.

The Fellowship is not only a pioneer in Christian-Jewish relations, they are the largest provider of humanitarian aid in Israel. Christians who support Israel through their prayers need to know that they can also support Israel through their giving — they can literally feed a hungry Holocaust survivor today.”

Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein hailed Michele Bachmann’s record as a consistent friend of Israel and the Jewish people and said the partnership promises great things for Israel and the people The Fellowship serves.

“I’m thrilled and honored to partner with Michele Bachmann to support Israel. Over the years, she has proven herself to be an outspoken and unwavering friend of Israel. The Bible tells us, ‘Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor’ (Ecclesiastes 4:9). The Fellowship is able to help millions of people on our own, but through our partnership with Michele Bachmann, we will be able to help even more.”

The Fellowship is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that has raised over $2 billion since its founding in 1983 to help Israel and the Jewish people. As an apolitical entity, The Fellowship has worked with public figures across the political spectrum who stand for Israel.