2023 Israel-Hamas War

Group of people sit in folding chairs in front of the IFCJ mobile emergency response center at Ramle.
Man wearing a yellow safety vest walking toward an IFCJ mobile emergency response trailer.
IFCJ staff member giving debit cards to elderly resident of Kfar Aza.
IFCJ staff members giving debit cards to residents of Kfar Aza.
White IFCJ funded fortified truck sits in front of a tank.
Yellow ambulance sits next to a white helicopter as paramedics load a person on a stretcher into the helicopter.
Mobile bomb shelter installed in the Moreshet Community in the Misgav Regional Council.
Man wearing a flak jacket hands a prepared meal to an elderly man at Ofakim shelter.
Open cardboard box revealing sealed prepared meals with IFCJ logo.
Adult man in IFCJ branded shirt delivering a hot meal to elderly woman in Netivot.
Man putting on an IFCJ flak jacket before distributing food during Hamas war.
IFCJ staff distributing flak jackets to firefighters during the Israel Hamas war.
IFCJ bomb shelter struck by rocket fire in Sderot.
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