The Spiritual Sounds of the Shofar

Yael Eckstein  |  September 6, 2023

Yael Eckstein and children blow shofar
(Photo: Moshe Bukhman)

Did you know that God has an alarm clock for our souls?

Starting a month before the High Holy Days begin, the sounds of the shofar—the biblically mandated trumpet made from a ram’s horn—can be heard in synagogues around the world, calling people to reflect, repent, and return to God.

Let’s continue exploring the significance and meaning of the High Holy Days, looking at why the Jewish people use a shofar to prepare ourselves for the New Year, and how the shofar’s many sounds are a call to self-improvement, to repentance, and to return to God.

Join me as I discuss the symbolism and messages of the shofar, and how its sounds can reverberate in each of our lives.