Israel Under Fire

Israel Under Fire

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Israel under fire: On Tuesday, while most of the world slept peacefully in their beds, Israel was under attack.

Hundreds of rockets fired by Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group supported by Iran, have rained down on Israel. Over one million innocent elderly, families, and children are within range of the rockets and missiles, some of which have struck as far away as central Israel.

These terrorists have no regard for innocent life. They don’t care what…or who…they hit.

Dozens of people have been treated for injury and trauma, and children are crippled with fear. One sweet little 8-year-old collapsed at the sound of the emergency sirens — she’s in serious condition.

Isolated elderly are trapped in harm’s way, with no one to help them reach a bomb shelter in time…if they even have one nearby. Homes have been destroyed and precious families have been displaced, everything they had gone in an instant.

The people of Israel are in grave danger. That’s why I am coming to you with an urgent request to help The Fellowship mobilize our volunteers to…

Place 25 mobile bomb shelters in communities under fire to save vulnerable lives who are going without protection.

Deliver emergency aid like food, clothing, shelter, and basic needs to families affected by this terror.

Distribute protective vests to first response volunteers as they try to save lives during this escalating crisis.

Israel needs every single friend she has to lift their voices in prayer at this very moment.

Please pray that the Guardian of Israel, who “will neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalm 121:4), will protect His people as her enemies rise up against her. And as you do, please put your prayers into action by giving an emergency gift to bring comfort and security to innocent Israelis under fire.

With prayers for the peace of Jerusalem,

PS — Follow me on Facebook to see video footage and live updates from the ground in Israel.

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