Christian Friends Combat Dangerous Anti-Semitism

Yael Eckstein  |  January 17, 2024

Yael, kibbutz, October 7
(Photo: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv)

Writing at Newsweek, Yael sends a powerful message about the strength of Israel’s Christian friends around the world who reject the anti-Semitic rhetoric that’s been circulating in the news lately, and calls for even more support and unity from friends around the world who love Israel: 

It’s been 100 days of war and sorrow and uncertainty.

But after these 100 days, the one thing I am certain about—that I’ve always been certain about, and have seen more than ever in the days since Oct. 7—is that the Jewish state and the Jewish people have true friends in Christians around the world.

That’s why it has been so unsettling to see anti-Semitism being spread in the name of Christianity—by those on the fringes, and those in mainstream media. But you know who has not been fooled by these lies?

Israel has more than 700 million Christian friends worldwide. As people who value human life—in this fight against those who don’t hold life sacred, we all—Christians and Jews—must take a stand now, before it’s too late. The time to stand for Israel and the Jewish people in now, as hateful and dangerous anti-Semitism has risen by nearly 400 percent in the 100 days since Hamas’ attacks on the Jewish people…

The rising anti-semitism across the globe, only serves as a stark reminder to us all, why the Jewish people need a safe haven…

These past 100 days, as Israel’s enemies have chanted, “from the river to the sea,” Israel’s millions of Christian friends continue the same chorus to which they’ve been committed for more than 75 years:

Never again.