Your Compassion Changed Rivka’s Life

The Fellowship  |  June 5, 2017

An elderly Jewish woman with white hair, blue eyes, and a blue floral top looking upwards.

Rivka burst into tears when volunteers from The Fellowship arrived at her home.

We learned later that she was recently widowed and has no other family. She had just immigrated to Israel from Ukraine but does not speak Hebrew, and she doesn’t know anyone nearby who speaks her language.

Rivka is permanently disabled and unable to leave her home—even when the rocket sirens wail to warn of impending terrorist attacks!

And Rivka is truly alone. Her days go by slowly, full of desperation and fear. She has no one to talk to, laugh with, or cry alongside.

It is heartbreaking that even one needy elderly Jew suffers this way.

But there are tens of thousands of elderly Jews in Israel facing the same emptiness and suffering. They desperately need our kindness and compassion. They need to know that we Stand for Israel, together!

We urge you to Stand for Israel with a monthly gift through The Fellowship. Your support will provide much-needed food, clothing, and other basic necessities for those struggling in unimaginable poverty.

Your monthly gift makes it possible for more volunteers to bring hope and encouragement to so many who are lonely and hurting. This lifesaving ministry outreach is directly impacting lives of elderly Jews in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and around the world.

For the sake of vulnerable Jewish widows, like Rivka, and so many others who desperately need our help, please give your very best today.