Your High Holy Days Blessing

The Fellowship  |  September 12, 2016

Elderly Jewish man looking straight ahead soft smiling.

Being a blessing to the most vulnerable among God’s people is why we have committed to reaching thousands of impoverished Jews through The Fellowship’s High Holy Days Outreach.

Sadly, at a time that should be heartfelt and meaningful, hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Jews like Schlomo are struggling simply to survive day-to- day.

Schlomo has lived out his life with the horror of witnessing his entire family being murdered during the Holocaust. He narrowly escaped that fate himself, by jumping from the train headed for the concentration camps and hiding for months in a basement with little food or water to survive.

At 22, he moved to Israel and built a life for himself, but tragedy struck again just five years later as his wife passed away. That was 55 years ago, and he never remarried and is completely alone.

Sadly, Schlomo’s story is much like that of many vulnerable Jews in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and around the world.

Last year, Schlomo received a High Holy Days food box from The Fellowship and said, “This has reminded me that I am not alone. God loves me and people all over the world care about my well-being. I ate my delicious meal with a smile and sang songs of praise to God!”

It is a significant effort to provide much-needed food and necessary provisions for impoverished Jews in Israel and the former Soviet Union for this year’s High Holy Days. Without help from faithful Fellowship friends, this effort would not be possible.

Please join in The Fellowship’s High Holy Day Outreach and help provide much-needed care to the neediest among the Jews during this sacred time.

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