You Are a Hero

 |  April 29, 2020

Yael eckstein with elderly woman Katerina
This picture of Katerina was taken before the coronavirus pandemic. We are currently taking safety precautions while delivering aid on your behalf.

We have an extraordinary story to tell you. A story that expresses just how much of a hero Fellowship friends like you are.

This redemptive story is yours to cherish in your heart – because without your heroism, Katerina would be not be alive today.

Are you ready to be moved?

Decades ago, Nazis marched Katerina and her loved ones to a bridge outside her tiny Ukrainian village – a bridge she can still see to this day from her home. A bridge that was used as a “killing field.”…and as she marched, Katerina knew exactly what laid ahead – certain death.

As Katerina took each step towards that bridge, one by one, despair must have been welling up within her – her eyes flooding with tears, her mouth gasping for air in panic. Would this breath be her last?

Praise God, it was not her last breath! At the last moment, American soldiers rescued Katerina and her loved ones, defeating the Nazis on that bridge.

So you can imagine how deeply moved Katerina was when I brought a few American Fellowship Family members into her home weeks ago to represent YOUR godly commitment to bless her and the Jewish people.

Katerina had always wanted to thank America personally for saving her life. The words she spoke next will stay with me forever… but they’re really meant for YOU.

“Americans saved me in the beginning of my life and now they’re saving me at the end of my life. Now I know why God has kept me alive… so that I could be saved by Americans once more. Now I can die with a smile on my face.”

When we found Katerina and brought a food box filled with nourishing staples, her face lit up. A simple carton of eggs made her giggle like a child – as if it was a luxury. 

That food box provided by our Fellowship Family of sacrificial givers – provided by YOU – saved her life once again.

But what about this month?

After a lifetime of agony, this precious Holocaust survivor – this precious child of God – is frail. She can no longer till her tiny plot of land and grow food. Her government pension is less than $2 a day, and simply cannot cover her basic necessities.

Katerina is all alone – in a remote village in Ukraine – clasping her hands, her eyes lifted to the heavens, praying that an American will make it possible for The Fellowship to cross that bridge and say with their actions: “Never Again.” 

Right now, we’re urgently looking for extraordinary people like YOU to help the extraordinary Jewish people we serve today

And NOW is the time to act as another generous Fellowship Family Member has made it possible to double your impact. That means your gift will go twice as far to provide lifesaving emergency aid to someone just like Katerina – up to the first $200,000 received.

Katerina survived the very worst of history. We cannot let her spend her last years… her last months… starving again.

With this global pandemic spreading now to the former Soviet Union ever more rapidly, we must do everything we can to protect and provide for fragile survivors like Katerina

We have stepped out in faith and committed to taking even more extraordinary measures to reach vulnerable Jews in the far reaches of the former Soviet Union in a safe way.

But we need you to be a hero once again and “cross” that bridge with us, showing Katerina and those like her that God’s people will NEVER AGAIN be forgotten.

This opportunity to double your impact doesn’t come around often – so please don’t delay! We need every hero to join forces with us today.

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