Will You Be an Angel of Hope Today?

 |  December 12, 2016

We met 7-year-old David and his 2-month-old baby sister, Angelina, at a Fellowship-supported orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine. Their mother suffers from a debilitating mental illness, unable to care for them.

The loving support from the orphanage staff helps these vulnerable children of God grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. Thankfully, they now have a new home and a fresh start.

You can help abandoned children in the former Soviet Union for just $18 a month – an astonishingly small amount that can turn a life around forever.

Please, join with us and be their Angel of Hope to help provide immediate needs for these destitute children – including food, medicine, clothing and blankets. I trust that the Lord will bless you for loving His little ones who are in so much pain.

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