Will This Nightmare End?

 |  June 19, 2017

Yael Eckstein sitting with a woman in a red sweater on a couch.

There is a tragic and unimaginable epidemic exploding across Israel.

Thousands of Jewish women are suffering under the unthinkable horror of abuse. The hands of those who pledged to love, honor, and cherish them now bring hurt, pain, and mental anguish.

For these distraught women trapped in domestic violence, escaping their home is terrifying—especially if they have nowhere to go.

With the support of compassionate friends like you, The Fellowship funds women’s shelters in undisclosed locations throughout Israel that help provide victims of abuse a safe and secure place where they receive food, urgent funds, medical care, job training, counseling, and help for their innocent young children.

Due to the sensitive nature of these programs, we cannot release names, faces, locations, or even how many women are being healed and served. But sadly, without your help, these Jewish women and children would remain trapped in darkness and fear.

These women’s shelters are on the frontlines providing compassion and care for women and children who have suffered greatly—both emotionally and physically.

With these vulnerable souls in mind, please prayerfully consider your most generous monthly gift today. These centers of safety for women and children are our very best way to be a shield of God for these who have suffered so deeply.

Your generous monthly gift through The Fellowship provides critically-needed funds to these secret havens of hope.

Please join with us in this most sacred act of compassion and service and give today. Your monthly gift will immediately save lives and bring hope to so many who have endured this dark horror.