Trapped in Dangerous Heat

The Fellowship  |  June 27, 1999

Donate to help provide urgent summer relief needed for elderly Jews in israel

Giselle — a survivor of the Holocaust and multiple cancer treatments and surgeries — considered herself to be done with life. Living in Ashkelon, Israel, she is childless, and suffers from a variety of medical issues and emotional grief over the murder of her brother in a terrorist attack. She also cannot afford unexpected expenses or even basic monthly necessities without the compassionate support from friends of The Fellowship.

Giselle reached the point where she was eating only bread and margarine, spending most of her days in bed, and her nights alone, afraid, and unable to sleep.

In Israel — one of the hottest places on earth — the summer heat threatens the lives of the elderly, especially those like Giselle who cannot afford basic essentials each month, especially when unexpected expenses and water bills increase.

The temperature — in her only room — is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Without you, Giselle is all alone.

“I can’t store the dishes in the kitchen because it’s all covered with mold.”

You can help provide emergency summer assistance to an elderly Jewish person in grave danger — a month of food, medicine, and emergency assistance.

Any gift, big or small, could be the difference between life and death for a vulnerable person in Israel like Giselle.

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