They Would Go Hungry for Days

 |  February 28, 2018

Middle aged woman hanging clothes on a line outside.

It is hard to imagine the desperation and struggle that Vlasta and her family face, especially during the season of Passover.

Their tiny home is severely rundown, has no running water inside, and the electricity has been shut off. With almost no money to get by, the family of seven must huddle around a small heater, together in one room, just to stay warm.

Vlasta’s children include Sofia, 18; Maria, 17; Elizabeth, 10; and Georgy, 3; plus a 1-year-old. Georgy has health issues and cannot attend daycare, so Vlasta cannot work away from the home since she must care for him. Elizabeth also has a physical disability and must be homeschooled.

After years of searching for work in their village, Vlasta’s husband recently returned to his mother’s house in Odessa, Ukraine, in hopes of finding work nearby.

Without help from Fellowship friends like you, this family would go days without food.

Vlasta is unsure how they will survive and how they will feed another mouth when already, there is not enough food to observe Passover.

But together, we can help provide special Passover food items and other necessary provisions so these precious Jewish souls can observe Passover with dignity.

With the help of friends like you, The Fellowship also provides critical food, much-needed warm clothes, medicines, and supports a local Jewish Community Center where the children can meet friends and find relief from the gripping poverty they live in every day.