They Must Not Be Forgotten

The Fellowship  |  June 26, 2017

A bedbound elderly Jewish woman with several heavy blankets over her.

Today, tens of thousands of elderly Holocaust survivors are crying out for help.

These scared and fragile souls throughout the former Soviet Union are living out the remaining days of their life in desperation.

What few belongings they possess must be carefully hidden to ward off neighbors who burglarize their dilapidated shacks. Many live with graffiti and Nazi symbols covering their homes, while also enduring death threats—solely because of their Jewish lineage.

Every day thousands of needy Jewish souls battle hunger, bitter cold, and dire poverty. These Holocaust survivors should be living in dignity—not struggling to survive day-to-day simply to exist.


Much of the outreach and care provided through The Fellowship must be done in secret at the risk of being stolen as soon as it is given. These secret ministry efforts are lifesaving blessings for the thousands they serve.

That is why we ask you to prayerfully consider a monthly gift today through The Fellowship. With your generous and compassionate support, elderly Holocaust survivors and other vulnerable Jews across the former Soviet Union receive the provision, love, and care they desperately need.

Your monthly gift provides the funds required to meet the growing needs of elderly Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union. Without your help, these needs would go unmet.

Please join with The Fellowship—as part of the shield of God—to provide immediate and lifesaving care to frail and elderly Holocaust survivors in Israel and the former Soviet Union. We pray that you will respond today while there is still time.