The Blessing of Hope

 |  April 3, 2017

An elderly Jewish woman named Luba prepares for the winter cold thanks to IFCJ donors

Luba has not had a visitor to her home in over a year.

With no remaining family, this aging orphan of the Holocaust is filled with great loss, pain, and deep loneliness.

When Yael visited her in Ukraine earlier this year, Luba was weak, hungry, severely dehydrated, and had lost all hope. Luba broke down in tears within moments of opening the door to our Fellowship team.

Luba would have most likely not survived the bitter Ukrainian winter if not for the Fellowship gifts from friends like you, that included a blanket, food, gloves, and help with heating fuel.

“She literally kissed the bag of food and sobbed uncontrollably for ten minutes,” Yael recalled.

No one should have to live like this—most of all not someone who witnessed the Holocaust as a young child. But the tragic reality is that Luba is one of tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors who do not have food to eat today, nor a warm and safe place to sleep tonight.

That is why we ask you to give your most generous gift today. Critical funds are needed to deliver basic necessities such as food, medical assistance, and heating fuel to impoverished and vulnerable Jews like Luba.

Today, you can be the answer to prayers for a needy elderly Jew in Israel, Ukraine, or around the world.

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