Teaching God’s Deliverance

The Fellowship  |  April 7, 2020

This is a difficult time… so we hope this Passover celebration from our hearts to yours brings you joy and reminds you that God is faithful in delivering His people.

Sometimes it takes a plague to remind us what Passover is really about.

This year, Passover is going to look a little different. Instead of inviting over extended family and friends to share the seder meal together, Jews all over the world will eat the meal with only those in our homes — some completely alone, like many of the elderly we serve together.

But do you know what is exactly the same? God’s message of faithfulness and hope — one that we all need right now.

Passover is about remembering God’s deliverance, specifically during the Exodus. But it is also about remembering that God’s deliverance continues today. TODAY… even when we have a pandemic on our hands.

The Jewish people are better equipped to remember this than anyone. Throughout history, Jews have been exiled, persecuted, and massacred countless times. And despite every disaster and every attempted genocide, God has preserved them against all odds or human comprehension. After everything the Jewish people have been through, they should not still be here.

Yet here they are. And so are you.

God’s deliverance did not end with the Exodus, nor did His power in the world fade away with the prophets. Passover is a reminder to all of us all that deliverance is real. But it is up to us to see it.

We do not doubt that God is speaking to us now in the midst of this crisis.

This Passover, we refuse to lose sight of the bigger picture — God’s plan. Even though we are living through difficult times, we are trusting God and taking every moment to pass on these triumphant lessons of His deliverance to us and our families.

We teach these lessons through laughter, through song, and through traditions. Do you want a peek into what it’s like to experience a Passover Seder? Yael and her family would love to show you!

God is teaching many lessons, especially before Passover — even as we rush Emergency Passover Food Boxes to isolated elderly who cannot afford food each month.

As we dropped a nutritious Food Box to 83-year-old Esther, she said something very profound:

This coronavirus is a message from God. People are so busy thinking about themselves and now they have to stop and realize that they should be thinking about others.”

Amen, Esther. God’s deliverance continues today through us.

By caring for the “least of these” and coming together in unity, God is still at work. May you see the bigger picture, this Passover and Easter.