“Sweet Honey Has Been Spilled on My Soul”

Ana Hobson  |  September 26, 2016

Elderly Jewish woman in winter clothing exiting a red and white door.

Larisa dedicated her entire life to caring for her aging husband and son who suffered from severe mental illness. Sadly, over the last 8 years Larisa has lost both husband and son and now lives completely alone.

She has no family to care for her.

At 90 years old, Larisa’s health is also failing from the results of significant spinal cord issues and the long-term impact of heart disease. At her tender age, she needs dedicated medical care. But with almost no money to live on, she is trapped with the impossible decision of choosing to purchase food or medicines, or pay for much-needed medical care.

This should not be! No one should have to make such gut-wrenching decisions just for their survival – especially not a frail Jewish woman who has nowhere else to turn!

But the good news is that now, with your help, The Fellowship team visits Larisa regularly to bring her food, medicines, and care that she needs.

With her Fellowship food box, she received the addition of apples and honey that are traditional foods for the observance of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Immediately her eyes welled up with tears as she said, “It feels as if a little bit of sweet honey has been spilled on my soul.”

She was overcome with the thoughtfulness of caring Fellowship friends.

We invite you to join with us as the High Holy Days near. The Fellowship is committed – with your help – to reach the thousands impoverished Jews with special food and other necessities needed to properly observe this sacred season.

Your gift can be a lifesaving blessing of food and a way to show your love for Israel and the Jewish people as part of our High Holy Days Outreach.

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