Supporting Israel’s Defenders

 |  January 20, 2020

Lionel Kalles, 32, lone soldier from Canada, with team of five.
Lionel Kalles, 32, lone soldier from Canada, with team. Border Police. On patrol Mt. of Olives. View of Dome of the Rock. Jerusalem. Six border police officers standing in a row with stoic expressions, holding guns, view of Jerusalem in backgroundÿ

“He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”  (Psalm 121:4)

What a comforting promise from God to the Jewish people. Because of His Word, we know that God is watching over us and keeping us safe.

One of the most important tools that God uses to protect His people and the Holy Land is the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF. The brave men and women of the IDF dedicate themselves to be the front line defense of Israel. As “Watchmen on the Walls,” they are actively fulfilling God’s prophetic promise of protection.

But this holy mission is not just a benefit to the Jews. Israel is a beacon of light to the whole world as the sole democracy in the Middle East. And with Israel surrounded by radical regimes that openly sponsor terrorism and hate-filled militias, the IDF is the first defense against terror attacks that threaten people across the globe.

As we see time and time again with the onslaught of rockets and other attacks on Israel, the mission of terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah is the destruction of Israel — and the destruction of the Judeo-Christian values we share.

That’s why we stand together as allies and support these brave warriors with prayer and care.

Lionel Kalles, a Border Patrol officer for the IDF, is truly the definition of a brave warrior. After making aliyah to Israel, Lionel wanted nothing more than to enroll in the IDF, but was denied due to his age.

But Lionel would not take no for an answer. He petitioned for over a year until he was accepted and now faithfully serves alongside his patrol team on the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem — God’s Holy City.

“We are like watchmen of the city,” Lionel says. “Our job is to protect everybody here no matter who they are. Tourists, people of the land, everybody.” And to you, he says, that your support “gives us our strength…thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The Fellowship is called to stand shoulder to shoulder with soldiers like Lionel who protect us all from terrorism and hate. That’s why we’re so grateful to join forces with Fellowship friends to provide care packages and other comfort items to these brave souls who stand in the face of terror each and every day.

Your support is a source of divine encouragement and provision for someone like Lionel who is fulfilling God’s prophecy to never sleep nor slumber while protecting His people. Thank you!

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