Saving Rita’s Life

 |  May 26, 2017

A young girl with red hair and blue eyes looking upwards.

Rita was just six years old when we met her, dressed in rags and rummaging through trash cans for scraps of food. Her parents could not care for her…tiny and vulnerable as she was, she roamed the streets on her own.

Right now, one in three Israeli children goes to bed hungry—ONE IN THREE. That’s thousands of children who desperately need our help.

That is why The Fellowship’s after-school ministry is absolutely critical. We care for children like Rita in 14 locations across Jerusalem.

Every day, we serve a hot lunch, and then we provide a take-home supper to ensure that they never go to bed hungry.

This outreach would not be possible without faithful, compassionate friends who provide the critical funds necessary to feed and care for these innocent children.

Right now, you can feed one child for just $1.70 a day—that is just $50 a month to make sure young Jewish souls like Rita never go hungry again.

Your gift will go beyond their immediate needs as well, helping Jewish children build a stable, healthy future. Each boy and girl receive help with their homework, allowing them to succeed in school.

Perhaps even more important, they also have access to counseling, art and animal therapy, and group support to assist with the recovery from the trauma they experience daily on the streets.

Thanks to God’s provision and your compassion, Rita is now in third grade, where she eagerly participates in school every day.

Please Stand for Israel by caring for Israel’s children. Your gift today can save another young life.

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