Provide Hope

The Fellowship  |  December 18, 2019

Faces of The Fellowship: Chaka
Faces of The Fellowship: Chaka

Chaka is one of these Jewish elderly who depend on loving Fellowship friends just to survive through our Isaiah 58 ministry. She lives alone in Ukraine amid shocking poverty. She is in exceedingly poor health and is unable to leave her home. Her only hope comes from the Fellowship home-care worker who brings her food, heating fuel, blankets, and other critical winter relief.

And they provide much-needed love and comfort to ease Chaka’s desperate loneliness and deep fears.

Chaka’s needs are truly life-threatening. The shack she calls home does not have running water, and the public water well is over treacherous and frozen ground a far distance away.

God asks in Isaiah 58:6, “Is this not the kind of fasting I have chosen?” and then reveals His answer on how to fast (v. 7):

  • Divide your bread with the hungry
  • Provide shelter for the homeless poor
  • Clothe the naked

In partnership with friends like you, this biblical message is the holy calling that The Fellowship has accepted for Israel’s neediest remnants in the former Soviet Union.

However, time is against us in this life-saving work. As winter grows colder and darker every day, those in the greatest need are in danger of being cut off by the deep snow, or falling victim to illness.

Nevertheless, we have today. Your best gift can help provide winter relief for Chaka and other deeply impoverished elderly Jews and children in the FSU with food, heating fuel, warm clothes, and blankets through our Operation Winter Warmth outreach.