Provide Comfort and Hope to the Most Vulnerable

 |  July 3, 2008

A young girl and her brother looking directly ahead with a vignette effect at the corners of the photo.

The statistics are staggering: Poverty impacts nearly one in three children in Israel. Thousands of elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU) must make an impossible choice: pay for their lifesaving medicine or buy the food they need just to stay alive.

There is a poverty crisis in Israel and the FSU, and more and more of these desperately needy people are turning to The Fellowship for lifesaving help. Thanks to you, we can help provide vital assistance to the most vulnerable people who desperately need our help.

Your continued prayers and past generosity have enabled The Fellowship to provide lifesaving care to so many people relying on us for basic needs. We pray you will continue to be a Friend of The Fellowship.

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