Praying Before God at the Western Wall

Kelli Shives  |  January 14, 2016

Yael Eckstein smiling as she wears a yellow head scarf and is standing in front of the Western Wall.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is the only wall still standing from the Second Temple, and Jews all over the world direct their hearts and prayers toward this remnant of the biblical past.

Jewish tradition holds that the Western Wall of the Temple was built through the donations of the poor. God realized what a sacrifice those families had made in order to give what little money they could to help build His dwelling, so He did not let their wall burn with the rest of Jerusalem. Instead, He has kept it standing strong to this day to show the world that God does not distinguish between rich and poor.

Today, thousands of people come to the Wall daily to pray for divine guidance and help. I believe the prayers that are shared at the Western Wall go directly up to heaven.

That is why I invite you to submit a prayer of your own that we can take before God on your behalf.

It is a privilege to pray for friends like you who make it possible for The Fellowship to meet the needs of Jews around the world who are living in desperate poverty. There are still so many people here in Israel and in the former Soviet Union who are praying every night for food, medicines, or just warm, safe places to lay their heads. I feel personally blessed to be able to reach out with comfort and care to so many suffering souls.

Every person who prays at the Western Wall has faith that God’s special dwelling place is a spiritual one and that even though the structure of the ancient Temple has been destroyed, His strong presence remains where the Temple once stood.

This was revealed to me when I went to the Wall to pray for a healthy child and then nine months later found myself standing at that very same spot with my beautiful new daughter. The wonders that God performs daily keep me in awe.

Please allow us the honor of praying for you at the Western Wall. Submit your prayer today.

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