Our God-Given Moment to Help Save Lives!

The Fellowship  |  February 8, 2016

Elderly Jewish woman in a blue sweater sitting on a bed with her arms crossed.

Majina is a 78-year-old Jewish woman from Mariupol, Ukraine, who until just two years ago was still providing loving care for children in her community.

Tragically, Majina can no longer care for herself – now she needs our care!

She was stricken with breast cancer. Majina is especially weak after a recent surgery, and finds it hard to get around daily. As a result, her limitations to work and mounting costs of medical care are proving to be devastating.

Majina’s physical weakness alone makes her vulnerable. But add the deep hardships of a long, bitter winter in Ukraine, and her needs become truly severe.

The good news is that Majina has not been left to struggle on her own. The loving care of Fellowship partners like you is providing her with winter warmth and the purchase of basic medicines both of which are crucial to her recovery.

Our Operation Winter Warmth campaign is helping needy elderly Jews and children in the former Soviet Union, and also helping provide aid with heating bills for Israel’s elderly poor.

The cost to help sustain one fragile life through OPERATION WINTER WARMTH is very modest. Yet, with the thousands of impoverished Jews that need our care, the commitment is tremendous!